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20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series

Features: shed-resistant, smooth and even spread, durable and precise, repeated use, monocolor design

Material: 100% synthetic filament(PET hollow flagged)

Description: JDPONT Customized Paint Brush: A 3" monocolored brush with hollow plastic handle, 100% synthetic filament(PET hollow flagged), suitable for all paints and stains, designed for precision, durability, and comfort in every stroke
Product introduction

Introducing the JDPONT Regular Series Customized Paint Brush: Where Precision Meets Elegance

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图1)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图2)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图3)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图4)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图5)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图6)


20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图7)


- Size: Generous 3” brush size ensures a smooth and even spread.
- Construction: Crafted with a 100% PET hollow synthetic filament, our brushes are designed to last and shed resistant. Solid round tapered bristles are both durable and precise.
- Details Matter: Boasting an flat head shape and an impressive 58mm length out, precision is a given.
- Sturdy Build: A stainless steel shell ensures your brush stands up to repeated use without wear or rust. Plus, its 38mm stainless height adds an extra touch of strength.
- Handle With Care: Experience the comfort and grip of our plastic handle.
- Practical Design: A hole for hanging means you can store it easily and let it dry without a fuss.
- Appearance: With its monocolor design, it's as much a work of art as the paintings you'll create.

Why Choose the JDPONT Paint Brush?

- Versatility: Suitable for all paints and stains, making it a go-to tool for every project.

- Quality: Our use of epoxy resin glue ensures the bristles stay intact even after repeated uses.

- Eco-friendly: We care about the environment as much as we care about quality. Our beech wood handle is a testament to that commitment.

- Convenience: Comes in a protective PVC bag and if you're buying in bulk, enjoy our 12 PCS inner box offering.


Whether you're touching up a room, creating a mural, or staining a deck, this brush adapts to your needs. From acrylics to oils, from walls to canvas, experience unparalleled precision and ease.

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图8)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图9)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图10)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图11)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图12)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图13)

20 REG-PF JD-3# 3" Regular Series(图14)

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