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How to use the paint brush correctly

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When it comes to interior decoration, the way you hold the brush is crucial. Proper grip not only helps to delay fatigue but also ensures a neat and orderly work process. The handles of border brushes and window frame brushes are pencil-shaped, so the grip for these two brushes is similar to holding a pencil, using the thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

This technique allows you to have full control over various complex painting movements. When holding a larger brush with a beaver tail handle, which is wider and heavier, you need to exert more force to hold it. Hold the handle with your entire hand, making full use of the width of your palm, just like holding a tennis racket. This technique is most suitable when painting large flat surfaces.

When dipping the brush into the paint for the first time, slightly rotate the brush in the paint to open up the bristles and fully absorb the paint. Each time you dip the brush into the paint, gently push it into the paint so that it can easily be fully loaded with paint. For most latex paints, simply dip the brush into the paint, then lift it up and wait a few seconds for the excess paint to drip off before using it to paint the wall.

Another brushing technique is called "ridge lifting," which allows you to protect the painted areas from each other without the need for masking tape. Use a brush with long bristles for this technique. Hold the brush with the thumb on one side of the metal ferrule and the other four fingers on the other side.

Gently press the brush onto the wall and move it while applying enough pressure to keep the bristles curved in the direction of the stroke. Maintain a distance of about 0.16 centimeters between the curved bristles and the already painted surface. The curved bristles and pressure will release small droplets of paint, which will spread into the blank areas.


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