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Bristle collection and processing-Part II

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In our last discussion, we delved into the collection methods of bristles.


This time, we'll explore the intricate steps involved in their processing and production. Let's unravel the craftsmanship behind these vital components of our daily tools.


1. Preliminary treatment


The pig hairs are first sorted by the pig's color. These selected hairs undergo a 24-hour water fermentation process to loosen the fur. After this, the hairs are washed with clean water and combed to remove any fluff and dander.


2. Made into semi-finished products


To straighten any bent hairs, they are boiled and steamed. This process also enhances their luster, eliminates any fishy smell, and effectively disinfects and sterilizes them.


3. Finished product


Professional workers use iron combs to continuously comb from the root to the tip and arrange them in stages, long first and then short. Rub gently with both palms to make the head and tail straight.


Once graded and bundled, bristles of all lengths are evenly combed together. Quality inspectors initially and re-inspect these bunches, polishing the roots by flattening them with a wooden board and trimming any stray hairs.

Upon passing inspection, the bristles are packed neatly, with each box weighing a standard 25kg.


4. Brush bristle quality standard


Regardless of whether it is black or white, as long as it fully meets the following quality standards, it can be classified as a first-class product. If one or two items are missing, the quality will be slightly lower.


ØThe quality standard of black bristle: is pure black and shiny; no yellow hair tip: thick hair root; not deep fork tip; ash and other impurities.


The quality standard of a white bristle: no yellow and black; less oily hair; other quality standards are the same as a black bristle.


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