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Similarities and Differences between PET and Nano toothbrush filament

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Do you only look at the color and pattern when choosing a toothbrush, and only pay attention to the price when buying a toothbrush?

Although the small toothbrush does not look very attractive, but as a direct contact medium with our gums, the brush wire still has a certain importance.

The quality of the brush wire is crucial to the cleaning ability of the teeth. How should we choose the brush wire suitable for our gums in life?

 In the selection we should pay attention to these aspects: material, elasticity and degree of hardness

 The performance and cleaning ability of toothbrush silk with different textures are also very different.

 Common ones on the market at present are:

PBT Toothbrush Tapered Filament


PBT filament have a scientific double-layer bristle structure, which can effectively clean the tooth surface and tooth crevices, the lower end is thick and the tip is fine, low wear, high resilience, and the brush filament is not easy to deform.


PBT filament in particular added carbon element, carbon element is known to have strong adsorption, can effectively eliminate oral bad breath, prevent bacterial growth, at the same time can also massage the gums, promote gum health.


Nano Toothbrush Filament

The nano-toothbrush brush filament adopts dual antibacterial technology and nano-antibacterial material.  


It can inhibit the bacteria that breed on the surface of daily toothbrush use, and the bamboo carbon active ion can adsorb and decompose super-strong, and has certain moisture-proof ability, which helps to keep the toothbrush dry and reduce the chance of bacterial reproduction.


The nano-toothbrush filament is made of soft rubber bristles, which are relatively softer and more resilient than traditional toothbrush silk nylon materials, and can better protect the gums.  



In addition, this kind of brush filament uses high-tech nano-sterilization technology, sterilization technology can remove the gum dirt, make breath fresh.


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