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Does the bristle have a foul odor?

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Does bristles have a foul odor?


Bristle is a common animal hair, with good elasticity, not easy to break, strong water absorption and other characteristics, so it is widely used in the production of a variety of brushes, brushes and other tools, as well as shoe brushes, paint brushes and other daily necessities.


However, there has been controversy over whether bristles are smelly or not.


Some people think that the bristle has a bad smell, or even a bad smell, which affects the quality and health safety of bristle products.


So, do bristles smell bad? Is this statement true? Let's find out.


Why do birstles smell bad


In fact, bristles themselves don't smell bad.


Bristles are a natural substance made up of keratin, which is a nitrogen-free substance and does not itself emit a pungent odor.


The smell of bristles is mainly due to the way they are handled during production and improper cleaning, such as the use of odorous chemicals during processing or incomplete cleaning.


Therefore, if the bristle is not properly handled during the production process, it may cause the bristle to emit an unpleasant smell. But it's not the bristles themselves that are smelly.


Secondly, the smell of bristles can also come from the dirt and bacteria on the pig.


If the bristles are not cleaned and disinfected in time, dirt and bacteria from the pig's body will remain in the bristles, causing them to smell bad.


In addition, some people believe that the smell of bristles comes from the body odor of pigs.


The fact that a pig's body odor is partly caused by a number of metabolites in the pig's body does not mean that the bristle itself will emit the same odor.


Therefore, we should not confuse the smell of the pig with the characteristics of the bristle.


In short, bristles are a kind of animal hair that has many uses, and it does not give off a bad smell by itself.


Bristle not only has practical value, but also has certain cultural value. In traditional Chinese culture, bristles are considered auspicious.


In ancient times, bristles were used to make various utensils and ornaments, such as bristle pens, bristle brushes, and bristle fans, which were regarded as elegant.


In modern times, bristle products have also become a part of the cultural industry with Chinese characteristics, and many handicrafts, souvenirs, gifts and so on have the application of bristle products.


Therefore, for the relevant personnel who make China's bristle products, it is not only about our life and work, but also about our cultural heritage and image.


It is particularly important to ensure the quality and health safety of products.



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